Kashmir News 

In June 2014 Kadect opened its second school for the deaf in Chakswari, Kashmir. It currently has 20 children with a waiting list for a further 54 children. We are currently renting the school premises but are hoping to build a school in Chakswari so we can accommodate more children.  

Future Projects: 

In 2015 we hope to build an audiology clinic in Chakswari, Kashmir.


Africa News 

In June 2012 Kadect opened a deaf unit within a mainstream hearing school in Basse. It has 30 deaf children. Kadect funds the teachers’ salaries, childrens’ school uniforms and lunches for all the children.  

In April 2011 Kadect opened a second Charity shop on Hatfield Road, St Albans to help fund activities in Africa.   

In 2011 the chairman Mohammed Akhtar visited The Gambia where he saw the high levels of poverty and the difficulties which deaf and disabled people faced. In order to help in Africa, Kadect had to seek approval from the Charity Commission. In 2012 this approval was granted.  

Jul 2017

We have just started helping out disabled children providing assistance with food and clothes.

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Future Projects: 

In 2015 we hope to build a deaf unit within the existing school.