KADECT was set-up by Mohammed Akhtar based in the UK, whose daughter is deaf. He appreciated that she was able to access an education and receive the support needed to thrive in her future, however in his home region of Kashmir the situation for the many deaf children there, was very different. This led him to start KADECT. From the beginning KADECT has been a small grass-roots NGO which relies on the support of many people to keep us doing our work. 

As time progressed, KADECT reach has also expanded to schools and assistance for deaf and disabled children in The Gambia.  A prominent development has provided an otherwise ignored community with the chance to gain education, employment and business opportunities.  Thus allowing all deaf children the chance to decide their own future, reassurance for their families as well as a source of employment for teachers involved. 

In the areas that we work there is almost no education infrastructure for deaf children - if you are a deaf child you are often left at home with very little prospects for the future. The impact having an education and mainstreaming into society is very profound for the students at the KADECT schools.

Watch our video about KADECTs schools in The Gambia